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On Being A Writer And Seeing My Limitations

I’m a writer.

I see my limitations.

I know there’s much for me to learn.

And like this flower, I feel fragile.

As if, at any moment, the wind might tear me apart.

Because, let’s face it, my writing—like me—is imperfect.

But then I’m reminded of this truth: despite being a fragile vessel, my Father holds me.

He wills to use me and my story, no matter how faulty the delivery.

He reminds me again and again that it’s not ultimately about me.

It’s about responding in obedience to Him.

I’m a writer because I’ve been called to write.

I’m a writer because I can’t not write.

I’m a writer because I’m driven to share truth in written form.

That’s why I’m a writer.

And that’s why I’m determined to keep writing. To keep growing. To keep learning.

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