Unique Mums

I created my blog Unique Mums, in 2020.

Why “Unique Mums”?

On my own journey as a mother, I have felt insecure and different from other mums at times. Sometimes I felt like I was doing something wrong, just because I had a dissimilar approach.

One day, however, I felt God show me I wasn’t supposed to be the same as everyone else. I could learn and be challenged by others, but ultimately this would not change who He created me to be with my own particular calling, gifts, and priorities.

The thing is, God does not want us as mums to conform to each other, or to mummy culture, but to surrender to Him. This means learning Biblical principles and then applying those to our lives. And it means not conforming to the world, but being changed by the Word of God. So, my heart is to help create a mother culture where uniqueness is celebrated.

Mothers don’t all have the same parenting approaches, and that’s ok. Mothers don’t all have the same time priorities, and that’s ok. Mothers don’t all follow the same schooling system, and that’s ok.

The main thing for a Christian mother is to be in Christ – to follow His leading. To surrender to God and increasingly become the person He created her to be. And to introduce her children to Him.

In the blog I share articles, devotions, and podcast episodes about faith to help draw you nearer to Christ, short stories for you to read to your kids, and homemaking tips and ideas.

My heart is for my content to bless and enrich the lives of mothers all over the world.

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